Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Happy Halloween, everybody. Sorry things have been so scarce around this Update Column lately; but since our otherwise successful move to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, we still haven't managed to get the internet hooked up in our own home yet. So here I sit in a little white French colonial internet café, at least trying to get some shout out over the ethernet about our state, our long but effective trip, our smallish but well located place, and how very much we miss everyone during this, the holiday season. But that's all I'm going to say about these things now. These matters are worth expanding on, and the goal is to do that, in longer format, when I eventually have the ability to do so in our apartment. The prospect of carrying my computer from café to café in an effort to keep this blog updated isn't unimaginable unless you consider that some days it rains every six minutes and many of these cafes are patio deals with grouped umbrellas. No, I'll probably resume normal activity around here next week sometime when the cement dust has finally settled on our brand new DSL cables. If it takes any longer than that, I'll definitely keep sporadic touch in this column (and since I've discovered Café wireless fairly simple, I'll try keeping up with my regular email again, too. This will also prove sporadic until the DSL). So please check back. I won't let a whole week go between entries again if I can help it. An admin note: those of you with known, updated addresses should expect email from me today with my new contact info. If you should've but didn’t, I might be needing similar updating from you. The link's over there to the bottom. Thank you. [Cavin]