Friday, April 03, 2009


We're a little under four months away from moving home again already. Our return date is not set in stone, but it'll probably be something like July twenty-fifth. I spend a lot of time swinging back and forth between opposite impressions of the length of time we've spent here. Sometimes it feels like that time has passed very quickly, but sometimes the sheer amount of activity over the last eighteen months makes it seem like we’ve been here a lot longer than that. Our approaching repatriation makes me think about all sorts of things. I think about all the hoops we'll have to jump through to move home. Much of this will be related here over the coming months. I think about all the things we haven't gotten around to doing yet, some of which we'll try to cram into our remaining time. This will also be a predictable topic from now on. Besides whatever actually happens, I'm already imagining what things I'm going to miss about living in Vietnam once I'm relocated elsewhere. Also, I'm thinking about the opposite things. Before moving home from México, I remember noting several months worth of "lasts". The last time I did x, went to a party with y, ate z, etc. I suspect there will be some of that mentioned this time, too. With very little room left in this update, what's on my mind must be short. Once we have moved home again, I am going to very much miss hopping onto a quick flight and spending the weekend in Malaysia, for example, for basically the same amount of money I might've spent on a New Orleans road trip six years ago. So, since it's Friday, my leather bag is packed again and I've got a cab to catch. [Cavin]

Then, a 0 sided conversation ensued...

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