Tuesday, November 04, 2008

US Election Tuesday

I hope you had a wonderful Halloweekend. And, hey, Happy Super Tuesday, too. All these memorable times are still aligning. I almost delayed this triumphant return from October's Silence of the TombTM until tomorrow, when the US campaign trail finally reaches its conclusion. These events aligning already made me drop updating during October, after all. Sunday we returned from our holiday-focused retreat to the Kingdom of Cambodia, just in time for election stuff to steal our lives once more. That's why I almost returned here, triumphantly, tomorrow instead of today. But tonight we were invited to Sunshine's boss's house for a party, just a little while ago, an ostensibly work-related dinner which became an election-themed thing because it happened to align with the polls opening back home. It also turned into a pretty thrilling impromptu bourbon tasting, the unexpected revelation being a bottle of Baker's. So I'm returning early to provide the following uninstructive anecdote, which glibly fails to align, in any meaningful way, into commentary on US political events. The partygoers were staged at company headquarters, to be bussed out to the boss's house in the suburbs. I'd walked there in my dress pants and nice shoes. It was tropically humid, but it wasn't raining. By the time twenty-ish coworkers had piled into vans for the ride into District Two, I'd noticed a five-inch tear along the seam of my dress crotch. When did that happen? Had I mooned a thousand passing scooters along Le Duan Street, innocently leaning over? Did some protocol cover asking my hosts for safety pins? Should I just sit down all night, knees pressed together under my napkin; some porcelain ingénue? I managed to keep my dignity right up until this post, but it certainly made for a pretty awkward election celebration. [Cavin]

Then, a 0 sided conversation ensued...

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