Friday, October 03, 2008


This is how yesterday's Update began: "How I'd really like to use this blog, for the rest of October, is for exciting myself about a Halloween season I'll mostly miss out on." What I meant when I said this was that I wanted to write about horror movies all month. This blog is one of the methods by which I can connect with the holiday happening without me back home, and my DVD collection is another. But that's not what I went on to say, you'll remember. Unsurprisingly, what I began ruminating over was how the political situation, every four years, infringes on my ability to escape into the month of October. Inevitably, I ended up talking about the current worldwide economic reckoning. I thought I might try again today, but it's just starting the same way. Already I'm tending toward politics again. It's an unavoidable subject right now. Within the next few days I'll receive my absentee ballot and vote one month early--even that won't wait till November. Tonight, when I'd love to be taking about watching scary movies on TV, what’s on my mind is the taped vice presidential debate screened at an office party earlier this evening. That was also scary TV, frankly, but it wasn’t escapism. I'm afraid it's completely futile. Two years ago, I reviewed one horror movie each day throughout the month of October, but now I just can't stay on track. This year, I'm noticing the tendency to, for lack of a better word, blog. I'll not have this. In an effort to celebrate the distant fall, my favorite month, and the Halloween holiday, I'm going to observe The Silence of the TombTM here on this website. I'll return Tuesday, November fourth after a short birthday vacation. See you then. [Cavin]

Then, a 0 sided conversation ensued...

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