Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Over the last two weeks we've introduced Sunshine's mom to some of our favorite local restaurants. Back before she arrived we'd made plans to try one new restaurant a week, a plan enacted to combat my tendency to always patronize the same six comfy places. At Deli Saigon, I'm handed the menu pre-opened to the tomato-and-celery noodle soup page. At Luna L'Atunna, the owner asks us how we think the furniture should be arranged. Here is the evidence that we've dropped into a predictable pattern less than five months after arriving. Walking around the block the other day, Bet noted that we could dine in a new restaurant every day and never eat our way out of our own neighborhood. This is true enough; but it's disheartening to imagine the next nineteen months without the yakisoba place I love, Au Parc salads, or my tied-for-favorite two Indian diaspora restaurants. Our other plan will force us into trying about eighty more new restaurants before October oh-nine, bringing our score to something over a hundred local places before shipping home. Not too shabby. This week, we got a head start on our scheme by introducing our tourist to a number of new-to-us restaurants too--my favorite being Monday night's dinner with our friends the plant biologist, the man who studies bats, the espionage enthusiast, and the artist. It was like the beginning of a mystery. Night fell in District Two as we walked to Restaurant 13, located at the dead end of a dark backstreet guttering into the Sài Gòn river. Our table couldn't have rested more than a foot above the dark river water lapping at the railing; passing speedboats nearly slopped us with their wash. Dinner ranged from garlicky bok choy to French fries. The company was excellent. [Cavin]

Then, a 1 sided conversation ensued...

To which Blogger Mr. Cavin added:

Saigon Stud * Update: the following is the twenty-fifth hand of Street Stud since November, 2007. Both player's hands were entirely found within a clump of thirty-seven cards plucked from District Two on Monday night March tenth (while walking to the restaurant mentioned above). Here they are in order: I got the Three spades, Two spades, Six diamonds, King clubs, and a Five hearts, allowing me to narrowly avoid having to endure a straight; while the House drew a King hearts, Nine clubs, Fives in clubs and spades, and a Seven diamonds, beating me with a lousy Pair of Fives. Seasonal record seventeen to eight, my favor. The City’s streak continues at seven in a row. I think.

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