Thursday, December 06, 2007


Back in November I changed the name of my main blog. Readers who come to one address and see these entries displayed as a sidebar might have noticed that. Readers who come to the Update address directly might not have. I meant to mention this at the time, but there were other things to talk about. Today there aren't. Today I put books onto shelves, drank coffee, repeated. But this is more than an admin note because I want to talk about the weather. The new main title is x Beginner, the x being a variable I plan to change as often as I move. The x is currently Saigon. Beneath the new title, beginning at the top of the right sidebar, there is a homemade Vietnam map above a short scroll of introductory material about the country. It's filler, mostly; but it's there. There are also a couple of links for anyone interested in learning about this place without waiting for me to stop writing filler here, to begin writing about what's happening to me. (Then I shelved another book.) The links redirect to graduated levels of information: from easy Wikipedia information to serious scholarship archives at Texas Tech University. There are also links within the filler itself, taking the clicker to informative maps, satellite images, and other things. Then there's the weather badge. Nice weather we've been having lately, eh? Filler. And yet, who ever knew that Ho Chi Minh City could get so cold? Right now it's seventy-three degrees outside, cooler than I keep the apartment. Recently, it's gotten as low as sixty-eight. Turns out that December has pretty nice weather, even at ten degrees north latitude in the torrid zone. It's something to think about while shelving books, decorating for Christmas, and missing winter. [Cavin]

Then, a 0 sided conversation ensued...

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