Thursday, October 11, 2007


Yesterday, the movers were nearly done when I returned from breakfast shortly after eleven thirty. But they took a lunch break. Then they spent an hour loading boxes onto their truck before spending another agonizing hour tallying, itemizing, and generating a vast quantity of paperwork for me to sign. Only then did they finally leave me alone in our emptied unit, where I immediately took a nap for an hour until Sunshine came home and for another hour while she pottered around bored. Later, over a nice Thai dinner, we identified some mistakes we'd made in sorting: the weather last night was already getting chilly, but we'd just shipped all our warmer clothes to Southeast Asia. Today the weather was even chillier, feeling rather autumn even in the bright sunshine. I noticed while driving to a nice Lebanese lunch. There's little to do around the empty unit, and I want to finish my book (which I've begun calling "the brick"). I wanted to ship the brick to Asia also, but as of Monday night I'd only made it to chapter LXXXIX, with over a hundred fifty pages yet to go. I'm afraid it will displace necessary luggage, so I want to finish it before we leave. Sunshine called while I was eating my falafel sandwich platter and chiseling away at my brick. She'd made dinner plans for tonight, with friends, at the very same restaurant. So I ate a nice Lebanese dinner too; but the food is good and the company was great and I didn't mind. On the way home tonight, Sunshine noted that this is our last Wednesday evening for two weeks. Next week we'll be on a sunlit plane from dawn until some mysterious Pacific point after which it becomes Thursday, some hours before dusk. [Cavin]

Then, a 0 sided conversation ensued...

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