Monday, September 17, 2007


There has been some very, very good weather lately. Saturday I slept late principally because I had no idea it was afternoon already as dark as it was outside. Today I slept late for the hell of it: it was neither dark, nor was the autumn-like weather much of a surprise when I finally stepped out into it. Over the last two evenings, I've needed my jacket and shoes outside. For the temperatures during the day, even a sunny day like today, I've been wearing heavier, long-sleeved pullover-type shirts that I had just assumed I wouldn't be wearing again for a couple of years. I'm glad I didn't put those into storage yet. The weather has been wonderful, and I wouldn't change it for anything, but it's also served to make me a little sad that I'll be leaving the temperate zone halfway through October, probably robbing myself of much of what is spectacular about fall and the onset of winter this year. Sunshine and I saw the Bourne Ultimatum* at the zombie multiplex tonight before eating excellent Burmese fish soup and samosa coconut curry salad in a fluorescently no-frills strip mall nearby. Frankly, these Bourne movies started off strong, but haven't really paid off for me. I'm interested in a specialists without memories, but I have no burning desire to discover the invented past of a literary character, at least not for a movie-and-a-half now. It's fun to watch Matt Damon, his doubles, and their editors fight it out in drab locales, chase each other in cars, etc; but it's extra-boring to plod through another stock governmental rights violation perpetrated by an agency solely engaged in sprouting one clich├ęd out-of-control shadow-op after another to mop up its own extralegal mopping transgressions. Yawn. Who watches the watch, man? [Cavin]

Then, a 0 sided conversation ensued...

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