Sunday, September 23, 2007


While waiting for the outbound train shortly after nine last night, Metro Center Station, another train pulled halfway up the inbound platform and stopped. This train's lights were off; it was parked to limit access to only the first car; the other cars extended off into the tunnel beyond the platform. The windows were fogged so I couldn't see in. When the doors opened, a uniformed man with a submachine gun stepped onto the platform. Other men proceeded to load a wheeled cart onto the train. Then the guard stepped back inside, the doors shut, and the train went on its way. Bizarre, huh? There were several of us gaping on the platform, and one guy went to ask what the hell was happening. Apparently, it was some kind of armored shipment. A money train. A little wild west for downtown DC on a Friday night, no? Never mind that subways offer little besides strategic choke-points, but what necessity exists? We don't have cold hard cash-only casinos or whatever amassing daily deposits. Maybe there's a secret route between the US Mint and the Treasury? Through the District's largest Metro transfer hub? Today, we returned1 to Dulles SportsPlex to see the DC DemonCats valiantly challenge undefeated Scare Force One in District roller derby's final regular season bout.2 My Cats lost ground right off, but then held the spread for the first half. My pick for MVP goes to Racy DC with Camilla the Hun a close second scorer for the Cats, matched by Harley Quinn and Meatball jamming on the Force. Both teams had nearly impenetrable defense, especially the Force's hulking Six5onSkates. After halftime, the DemonCats returned too mad and penalty after penalty forced their scorers onto the bench while Scare Force One, skating unopposed, won by over fifty. [Cavin]

Then, a 1 sided conversation ensued...

To which Blogger Mr. Cavin added:

1) The pictures from last month's bout between the Cherry Blossom Bombshells and the Secretaries of Hate are now online. Click here to see an indistinct picture of me (white shirt, green jeans) standing in a distant doorway, framed by the foreground images of Secretary Lois Slain on the left and Bombshell Pam Backhand on the right. Nice. I was just coming in from watching a storm brew between periods, and you can see me checking up on the scoreboard. But for sheer sports photography badness, I recommend this picture of jammers Kimono Dragon and Inconvenient Ruth igniting at the second whistle like it was a starting gun.

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