Sunday, September 16, 2007


I returned home to our Falls Church Unit just before seven yesterday morning and got to sleep around ten. I managed to get up again before dark, and Sunshine and I enjoyed a nice, if rapid, Italian dinner before coming home and watching TV. Man, I'm exhausted. Through last Tuesday I balanced a schedule of three things per day which had me dashing between many houses in several cities. By Thursday I began to close down entirely, refusing to leave the house before five and eating at the same location I was to meet with other friends later that night. In this way I went from bed to bar and that was my whole day. Initially, I'd expected to leave NC Friday around noon, but by one am it seemed preferable to make the five-hour drive overnight and get it over with. It's been difficult to get catch up on things and start making this blog again. But most of what I have to talk about happened last week and I don't want to still be talking about my vacation by Thursday. Also, there were some posts composed in North Carolina which languished on my laptop due to the inconsistency of a stolen Wi-Fi signal. So I've back-posted three previous vacation Updates prior to this post (here, here, and here). Today I've done very little besides lay about. We watched Univision's broadcast of last week's Miss Venezuela pageant and the expected contestants won (only these women had single-strapped dresses and bathing suits, which I presume was an overt signal to the judges that the president of OMV wanted them crowned). Sunshine went to a party at her Vietnamese teacher’s house while I lazed. Later we ate a nice Lebanese dinner before watching more TV and going to bed. [Cavin]

Then, a 0 sided conversation ensued...

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