Sunday, September 02, 2007


Friday didn't really end until around nine Saturday morning. We enjoyed a nice overnight drive to Kentucky after our concert. The route through Maryland and West Virginia to Sunshine's hometown takes eight hours on a good day and close to ten on a normal one. "Normal" here meaning that the hour-long leg along the Capital Beltway comes to two hours during weekday traffic. Even with the holiday weekend we were able to drive this in under sixty minutes last night. Our whole trip took one minute over good day time principally because I didn't plan well enough to have gas already in the tank when we started. We stopped three times in a trip that might have included only one. Sunshine slept the majority of the time, black mountains loomed half-glimpsed against the starry sky, Ashland, KY, was lit up like a Christmas tree. I never get to drive overnight anymore, it seems. This was a real treat for me. We arrived shortly before seven am to watch the sun rise ruddily to the right of Alene's barn, and I drank one last good strong coffee before going to sleep. Sunshine, who looked just as sleepy as I did, went yard-sale hopping with her mother. I was determined not to inaugurate a trend of staying up all night throughout my coming vacation, so I managed to get back out of bed by two pm, but nothing else happened for the rest of the day. We went ate frat Italian food (baked spaghetti and salted, roasted bread) at local fave Pasquale's Pizza and toured the quilting under construction at Bet's new rental studio (which is in a fine, tall room of the renovated historic downtown courthouse). Some great days just don't generate much in the way of riveting narrative. [Cavin]

Then, a 0 sided conversation ensued...

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