Saturday, September 29, 2007


Sunshine reads a selection of her poetry tomorrow night (Saturday, September 29th, 2007) at the first anniversary celebration of the lit periodical Cave Wall (here is the official announcement). The reading will be at seven pm at the UNCG Faculty Center on College Avenue, located between the Alumni House and the campus' nine-story library. Here's the UNCG website for those who would like to identify the building by sight. Today, however, Sunshine went to class once more, like normal, while I cleaned the house and gassed up the car for the big trip to Greensboro. Since Sunshine gets out of work before five thirty today, we can maybe make it to town before midnight. That's all there is to say about today, really. Yesterday there was more: I ate yet another Sizzex salad before hiking all the way to the I.M. Pei building of the National Gallery of Art1 to see the current Edward Hopper exhibit. I've been really excited about seeing this ever since Sunshine's mom told me about it last week. It did not disappoint. First, Hopper is very much up my artistic alley, centering as he did on poly-spatial areas opening into one another, the trapezoidal geometry of light on architectural planes, and an almost film noir narrative interaction between the mysterious denizens of the above. It was nice to see his work in person. I was surprised to discover that his most famous painting, Nighthawks,2 isn't all that big: just about a meter wide. After the museum I hoofed it up the red line to meet Sunshine at Dupont Circle, where I had some nachos before attending the first half-hour of another going away party for one of Sunshine's coworkers, and that before meeting yet another coworker for a light dinner at Raku. Whew. [Cavin]

Then, a 0 sided conversation ensued...

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