Saturday, August 18, 2007


I was under the weather from Monday's shots as late as Wednesday. My left shoulder muscle was still knotted from the tetanus that night when I discovered I could finally sleep on my rabies side again. Sunshine came home from classes early on Thursday, feeling ill and mildly feverish from her own rabies shot on Tuesday afternoon. She is also in the middle of her typhoid series this week. The nurse's office at the institute certified her fever was a reaction to the combination of August heat and that pink rabies inoculation. She really only needed to double-up her fluids. She did that while I ate Lebanese dinner alone (discovering a fantastic arak shrimp dish). Later, we both spent the remaining evening watching the Sopranos. She was feeling much better this afternoon--so much better, in fact, she called me up just to tell me that. I spent most of today cleaning the house for the in-laws slated to arrive sometime this evening. Yesterday was our housekeeping day, but one rabid girl goes through a lot of snack dishes. Sunshine's parents showed up about an hour after she came home from classes, bearing birthday presents and a lot of veggies so fresh from the garden that much of it still needed to be washed off of them. I did that while Sunshine unwrapped her presents, and now I have a whole clean sink filled with Depp family tomatoes, green and red peppers, string beans, and small round potatoes. Oh, and two large round watermelons. Well, not so large, maybe, but they look that way in the confines of our tiny kitchen. Then we ate a wonderful Vietnamese dinner at Eden Center (I had exceptional caramelized fish, crabmeat asparagus soup, and iced coffee), before turning in for the night. [Cavin]

Then, a 0 sided conversation ensued...

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