Monday, June 25, 2007


After finishing our second medical screening appointment Friday afternoon, we ate a celebratory Asian-fusion dinner just off Dupont Circle and window-shopped at the bookstore around the corner and the Japanese store down the block, before Sunshine took the green line to Washington National Airport. She flew to Minneapolis to celebrate her grandmother's ninetieth birthday. I took the orange line home, and worked on an art project for the rest of the night. I'd been anticipating this weekend for weeks, since it offered me an opportunity to catch up on some of the things I've been wanting to do: maybe finally finish putting together photos from our New York trip,* or finish brushing-up movie reviews from this Update Column for inclusion over at my review blog.* But Saturday, I actually spent the day at AFI's Silver Theater* in Maryland seeing three movies, and today I caught up with long time friends Gavin and Kelly, in town for the American Library Association Convention happening just north of Chinatown. This was great, since I had not seen these two in over four years. We holed up in one of the district's many brew pubs and talked loudly over place's cafeteria racket. Then we all walked through town and met Sunshine north of the White House, just off the blue line and just returned from Minneapolis and Washington National Airport. From here, we all walked to the storied Watergate Hotel* to have late supper and drinks in their little lobby bar. I have this to say about that: the tomato and crab basil soup and salad I ate there were fabulous, as was the little mousse-in-a-chocolate-box construction Kelly had for dessert. Who knew that the food at the Watergate would be so good? Who knew the weekend would go by so fast? [Cavin]

Then, a 0 sided conversation ensued...

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