Monday, June 18, 2007


I had an excellent idea, especially for a lazy weekend like the one we're currently having. Yesterday and today have been dedicated to hanging out, watching TV, and doing whatever work we do on our computers. We haven't left the house at all (yesterday, for example, we ordered delivery Italian from Pine's Pizza instead of going out). My idea was to take a long walk after dinner. Sunshine chipped-in with suggestions about where we might take it, and we settled on exploring the little park downhill from our complex. We'd planned on eating Lebanese food this weekend, so today was the deadline for that, too. Right before leaving I finally put some shoes on this weekend. I have two pairs in the dining room for easy access: a pair of walking shoes and a pair of going-to-the-restaurant shoes. I selected the latter because there was already a pair of socks stuck in them. Then we drove down the road and ate a fantastic meal at Lebanese Taverna,* in the little village of roadside shopping near the local public library branch. I had the sumac-and-gin cocktail I like, an Oasis, and for the first time tried a bowl of their shorba addas, a greens-and-vinegar soup--now an instant staple. I must admit: the whole time we were eating, my feet were really, really comfortable. After dinner, Sunshine showed me a good place to park at the park, and we wandered along a four-mile segment of bike trail along a system of eleven interconnected Virginia state parks.* It was really lovely and green, and a super nice night for a pleasant hour-long amble through a pretty area. Still, by the end, my little restaurant loafers--worn as slippers: loose without laces--were rubbing holes in the bottoms of my feet. [Cavin]

Then, a 0 sided conversation ensued...

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