Monday, June 11, 2007


Extending the overall productivity theme of this last week, we did a lot of shopping during this weekend. Saturday we braved the awful Seven Corners intersection to go computer shopping, and I must admit that I did a pretty good job of it: I just crossed my fingers and passed right through, figuring I'd find the road I really needed once safely on the other side. That's what I normally have to do. I made a wish and just went in, and, by god, I was on the right road coming back out. I think I have the key to driving this thing:* faith. I believed in myself, and yea though I drove through the intersection of the shadow of death, etc., etc., etc. Science and other pragmatism is banished from Seven Corners. Sunshine is in the market for a new computer, but the market will get me, too. It's difficult not to want something new when others have them. I fell in love with a little Sony machine yesterday. We eventually found something she liked, too; and then, after a hair-raising trip to a bike shop (where ten-speeds cost as much as our car), we came back to the unit and she bought a similar computer online. Let that be a lesson to you, Best Buy: your practices are so annoying and you employees so ill-informed that it's far more satisfying to leave your store and shop from home. And then wait: Sunshine's new thing should arrive in several weeks. And she'll buy a bike off craigslist, thank you very much. Craigslist was no help to me, though: today's shopping was at the local blasted-out looking Target. Am I the only person who has to shop for underwear every time I have a new doctor's appointment? Alas. [Cavin]

Then, a 0 sided conversation ensued...

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