Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Sunday, we saw a Vietnamese movie--I believe the first real Vietnamese movie we've seen together, though it's depressing nationalist condemnation necessitated filming primarily in Thailand. Journey from the Fall (Vượt Sóng, 2006)* is the downbeat tale of a family divided after the fall of Saigon in 1975. Father is jailed in a re-education camp while his wife, mother, and son endure the hardships of refugee life. Through quirky non-linear storytelling, the movie reaches its depressing end about halfway through, the remaining half devoted to events lending gravity to that climax in a sort-of anti-denouement. It's clever and well-made, if bleak. Tonight we dined at a modest little Mexican restaurant we've occasionally noticed down the street. I should really put that in quotes: "Mexican". It’s a rare place: this decidedly gringo affair reminded me of quasi south-of-the-border type restaurants I frequented as a kid--places with names like Tippy's Tacos and Tijuana Fats, where Mexican beer fans produced "Mexican" cuisine at a crazy US east coast remove. Sunshine called it "Frat Mexican." Nostalgia powered my very real enjoyment of our meal (including Worcestershire salsa, thoroughly salted tortilla chips, and enough grated Colby-jack for a ¡Fiesta!). It did not in any way resemble the food I ate while in Mexico; that's to be expected. The surprise was that it didn't one iota resemble food from the Mexican-run restaurants that began springing up when I was in high school, either--places with names like San Luis and Mi Pueblo. Seventies-era Mexican food is difficult to find nowadays; I relish the discovery of this festive little dinosaur. Sadly I didn't catch the name, so I'll call it "Sombrero Hut" in honor of the multi-colored hats hanging everywhere. If you're ever in Arlington, I recommend Sombrero Hut after about the third month. [Cavin]

Then, a 2 sided conversation ensued...

To which Blogger qemuel added:

I would eat at a place called "Sombrero Hut" at LEAST once a week!

The rumor mill says that you and Miss Sunshine are coming in for a quick visit soon. Is there validity to this little bit of hearsay?

Friday, May 11, 2007 12:07:00 PM  
To which Blogger Mr. Cavin added:

Sí, amigo. Not tomorrow but next weekend, the ninteenth or whatever. I'll be around till the following Friday, but Sunshine will only have two days. Mark your calendars.

Friday, May 11, 2007 12:12:00 PM  

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