Saturday, May 19, 2007


I enjoyed our day at Coney Island last Saturday. All I did, once I replaced my broken sunglasses, was walk around looking at stuff: arcades full of games I didn't play and a pier-full of amusement park rides I didn't ride. Sunshine and our gracious hosts did ride the massive Wonder Wheel, which old signs tout as being the largest ferris wheel in the world (this list of wheels, ordered by size, doesn't mention it. Possibly, it's the largest "double wheel", though: an inner ring of cars slide to the outside when acted upon by gravity). We ate funnel cakes, pretzels, and cheese fries. Sunshine successfully played a claw game, netting a stuffed Cookie Monster on her first quarter. Some photos of these things are here, by the way. Later, we all attended the Coney Island Circus Sideshow.* After buying tickets, we waited until the next break between acts before sitting on planks to watch the show. While waiting, we were treated to a blockhead routine by the carny-man calling people in. I was surrounded by signs telling me Do Not Take Pictures, which is why I don't have an awesome shot of this man, a screwdriver sticking out of his nose and a sequined assistant by his side, wooing a squad-car full of gawking NYPD. Once the show started, Insectavora, a chaps-wearing tattooed fire-eater, hauled Sunshine up onto the stage, blindfolded her, put a balloon between her legs, and made with the bullwhip. Sunshine was not only returned to us unscathed, but she got to keep the blindfold. That's one Coney Island souvenir not just everyone comes home with. Admin note: I've cleaned and packed and am leaving town until after Memorial Day. It is unlikely this Update will see any action in the next ten days. [Cavin]

Then, a 0 sided conversation ensued...

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