Saturday, May 12, 2007


On the opposite end of the little strip mall housing the Lost Dog Café is the Stray Cat Café,* a little bar and eatery dedicated to the feline part of animal rescue. The two establishments are sister restaurants. Several of the Lost Dog's signature dishes are also available at the Stray Cat. Otherwise, the kitty menu is far more modest, offing a good selection of sandwiches, soups and salads; but without the kitchen to produce the fantastic pizzas of the other place (nor coolers to offer their selection of beers). We ate there last night. The Cat's mostly wooden, clean decor is excellent. I think I prefer this space over the canine incarnation. The bar in the Stray Cat is prettier, less crowded, and the joint has thus far managed to avoid the cozy beer-soaked veneer of the Lost Dog. The problem is that I didn't like the food much. The corn chowder lacked the spicing necessary to mitigate the sweetness of the corn (I fixed this at the table with salt and pepper). My oyster and shrimp po'-boy was passable, but its remoulade was too mayonnaisey. The cheese-covered curly fries, cookies-n-cream milkshake, and generic cheesecake were all fine, though. I'll try the place again to give some of the other sandwiches a try. Or maybe just to drink--it really is an awfully nice bar. This evening we get on a train to New York City where we'll spend the weekend. The Met?* Coney Island?* The Maxilla and Mandible shop?* I have no idea what's in store for us. Currently I'm finishing the packing, and then I'll draw the shades in this unit (and on this Update Column) until early Monday morning when we return. Till then, have a look at the three new photos uploaded yesterday. [Cavin]

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