Wednesday, April 18, 2007


More Metro slapstick today. I left the house pretty early (for me) and headed up the orange line to Farragut West to eat a panini for lunch. Leaving the station, I passed several metro police officers running the other way. "I just saw him go down," one yelled into a radio. On the street, cop cars were screeching to a halt at the corner. I just walked to lunch, and then headed to the other side of Farragut Square, switching over to the red line. Reentering at Farragut North, I noticed there was a fire truck and emergency vehicles parked across the park at Farragut West.* There's nothing about any of this on the news. Underground, I realized it was already rush hour. Trains come twice as frequently between four and six, but they're all really overcrowded. Even the new eight-car jobs making their appearance this year are standing room only all the way down all eight cars. I let the first three trains pass me by, hoping the crowds would lighten while putting off the inevitable. I barely squeezed onto the fourth train, crushed together with everyone else trying to preserve our strangers-on-a-train dignity. When they announced the doors were going to close, we all crushed-in a little harder to make sure no one got caught. Apparently someone caught somewhere, though: the doors sprang back open, and since we were crushed harder together, another dude jumped on. He did it while saying something like "shwoop." He was a very large man, and when the doors began to close on him, he crushed us all in a little tighter to avoid them. I was no longer able to scream in terror, or grab a handrail, or protect my wallet. I just stood there all the way to Maryland. [Cavin]

Then, a 1 sided conversation ensued...

To which Blogger Mr. Cavin added:

* The two Farragut stations are interesting: red or orange line commuters wishing to switch must ride all the way to Metro Center, but here the two lines look at each other across a small city park. They look farther away than this on the Metro System map, but they are really quite close together. As far as I can tell, there's no underground passageway connecting them. Such a passageway would run, maybe, two hundred yards. But to change lines here, saving three stops, one has to pay double fare for exiting and then reentering the system. All it needs is a little tunnel, damn.

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