Friday, March 23, 2007


I think I caught a tiny head cold last night. So I didn't get much sleep and I'm cranky. I was putting on my pants, right after getting out of bed, when housekeeping barged in the door today. This is not supposed to happen. The locks don't have a deadbolt or anything, but there is supposedly a privacy setting that allows me to lock out all electronic key access except ours (and some override keys belonging to security or maintenance). I had the door set this way because housekeeping tends to come by pretty early and I don't want them barging-in until after I'm up and wearing pants. I started my day cranky and rather annoyed with Oakwood. I ended up taking it all out on the random woman who answered the phone in the office. According to the random woman, housekeepers and others will sometimes knock a lot and then get some passing security or maintenance somebody to let them on into an apartment set to private. Yes, I was not altogether nice to the random woman in the office. After this, I dragged my ass down to meet Sunshine at Foggy Bottom, where we dropped-in at headquarters to get my official security badge. This was not possible back when I was officially a "member of household," but since the wedding I've been upgraded to "eligible family member," and that comes with new documentation which includes, or so we certainly thought, a security badge. But once we'd gotten through the metal detectors we were politely told that there are no "spouse badges." How do spouses do those things requiring a badge (like taking the EFM language classes)? I don't know. Then we rushed home to discover our dinner plans had cancelled. Ever have one of these days? [Cavin]

Then, a 0 sided conversation ensued...

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