Friday, March 09, 2007


Yesterday there was snow. On Tuesday, weather people told us snow was likely; but we'd just suffered a weekend of sunny, sixties weather, roadway crusts had melted away, and the waiter at the Lebanese Taverna* agreed with me that there was little chance of winter weather. At the Taverna, keeping with the recent spate of District boutique drink sampling, I had a citrus mixture of infused gin called an Oasis and Sunshine had something too passion fruity called a 1001 Nights. After gorging on middle eastern food, the sky was still deeply clear. By the time I went to bed, however, low heavy yellow clouds had capped the sky in rippled streaks. The weather people were right; that waiter and I were wrong. Sunshine headed to school in snow. I went back to sleep until early afternoon. It was still snowing whenever I looked outside. Sunshine came home after classes, hours later, and it was still snowing. We did what anyone should do under the circumstances: we walked around Georgetown, which is very pretty in the snow. Of course, we went about it like this: we called our friend Matt and dined at the swanky, costly, cleverly named Mei N Yu,* just over the Key Bridge on M. Street parking was, incidentally, so far away that we got to walk around the area a little just because. The food was fabulous, mitigating feelings of poverty inspired by sticker shock. I had wild mushroom and bean soup, fried crab pot stickers with yellow horseradish mustard, and grilled red snapper on wasabi mashed potatoes. There was even an amuse bouche: deconstructed seaweed salad served in Asian soup spoons. Boutique drinks? I liked the spicy ginger vodka and cranberry concoction called a Tunisian enough to have two. Sunshine had a Taj-Ma-Jito. [Cavin]

Then, a 0 sided conversation ensued...

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