Monday, March 05, 2007


One of the pressing reasons to go to Greensboro last week: I had three large boxes of stuff stored there in an attic.* These boxes were packed with presents our friends had given us for Christmas, as well as the large quantities of books and DVDs we'd purchased during the North Carolina segments of our home leave. So when I returned to our living unit on Friday, I had all of this stuff in tow. One nice amenity Oakwood provides is use of a bell stand to help with moving a lot of things like I was doing; assuming, as always, a bell stand can be located. The attendant minus was, of course, that I had a whole huge bell stand's worth of more stuff to somehow fit into our tiny flat. This meant that yesterday, while I'd have loved nothing more than spending all day on the couch watching my new DVDs of Rome, we had to sally forth and finally do the business of locating and purchasing another round of bookcases. These needed to be large enough to hold all of this additional stuff, the stuff we'd moved in with, and also anything new we're likely to buy over the next seven months. They also needed to be small enough to themselves fit into this tiny unit. We ended up in Clarendon, three metro stops closer to DC, at a two-story Container Store. Here we bought four stackable, foldable java-stained wooden shelving units for a small fortune. Then we bought another Vietnam travel guide to christen our new shelves. Then we headed home to put off putting the damn things together until all day today. Now, twenty-seven days since the cold February night we finally checked in, I can finally say we're done moving. For now. [Cavin]

Then, a 1 sided conversation ensued...

To which Blogger Mr. Cavin added:

* And a warm thank you to Ellie and Dan, the real parents of my goddaughter, for not only letting us leave stacked boxes worth of treasured crap in their attic, but also letting me stay there myself when I was in town. Happy belated birthday, Dan.

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