Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Today Sunshine's hard slog through the archives of Stars and Stripes kicked off; she knows just where in the Library of Congress to find it. She did this after class, and managed to make it though a whole month in just a few hours while I was left to my own devices. I spent the first part of the day resting-up after a tiring weekend. Then I thought I'd see a movie in the early evening before our downtown rendezvous. Silver Springs AFI is showing the Infernal Affairs trilogy* (the triple-feature was last Friday, but we didn't go), but today they were only showing the second installment. The E Street Theater is showing the Host* and Tears of the Black Tiger,* two things I don't want to watch without Sunshine. The Lives of Others* was a viable possibility until I realized the clock I was using was the only one in the house that had not been reset for Sunday's stupid new Daylight Saving Time: I could never make it all the way to E Street and 10th in just thirty-five minutes. Also, since it's technically still winter, all the museums close at five thirty (except the American Art slash National Portrait Gallery, which closes at seven--I know because I was there just two weeks ago). What I ended up doing was taking a leisurely downtown stroll--today's weather was perfect for that sort of thing--and then reading Live and Let Die* for an hour at the Chinatown Starbucks. Their second floor has an impressive view of H Street and 7th, overlooking Chinatown's impressive Friendship Arch;* their coffee is more exotic because "Starbucks" is written in Chinese. Later, I met Sunshine on the National Mall, and we ate at a little Greek place in Capital South. [Cavin]

Then, a 1 sided conversation ensued...

To which Blogger Mr. Cavin added:

* I was very aware, sitting in this multi-cultural District enclave, that the Ian Fleming book I was reading, written by a Brit in the early fifties about the jazzy Haitian voodoo gangs of Harlem, included certain racial insensitivities. The reading was slow going in the little loud coffee room, but there were still some chapters that I was afraid to leave open any longer than necessary in that tight space.

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