Wednesday, February 14, 2007


During this wicked weekend I was not able to get online. Today, Tuesday, I finally managed to steal signal from another source in the complex. Unethical, I know, and yet I am mighty relieved to discover that the problem really isn't my computer. I suspect that, one, I'm being blocked, and two, that my initial suspicion that it was okay to use Sunshine's passcode on two computers at once, was possibly erroneous. But, good, this is a situation that I will be able to deal with completely when I am well enough to. During this wicked weekend I was also very sick, which persists, in some decreased form, right up through today, Tuesday, and into tomorrow. I was able, even under the shadow of these calamities, to write this Update entry every day anyway. At least right up until yesterday, Monday, when I stopped. See, even though I was writing them, I did not feel like pulling the strings necessary to transfer them all to Sunshine's working connection and publish them. Today's entry, Tuesday, was not actually written until the following Friday. It was difficult trying to stay on top of something I was getting behind on, anyway. What I would have done is declared a lost weekend, summed-up, and been done with it--only I really had already written five entries that I was unwilling to chuck away. Also, this was one of those weeks where things really happened. Rather than spend all next week saying "remember what you did last Monday? Well, I unpacked my..." it seemed appropriate to just post all of the things that happened when I should have originally posted them. The only reason that I am telling on myself now is because nothing at all worth posting happened to me on Tuesday. [Cavin]

Then, a 0 sided conversation ensued...

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