Friday, February 23, 2007


Sunshine got up this morning and went to class for the first time since two Fridays ago. This is really her first big day, because after this week's lark corporate "coaching" training, she'll begin language and area studies classes on Monday. From now on out, Sunshine is back to full-time work until mid-October. Home leave has officially been over since the beginning of February, but it really feels over today. I turned to domestic work myself: I tried to fit the remains of the air-freight shipment into our unit, unpacking the last of the suitcases and things I'd abandoned when I got sick last week. Mostly everything is tucked away now, but there are things I would like to use someday a little too tucked--say, behind other things I need to use sooner. This sorry state of affairs will last until I am finally able to buy yet another bookshelf. Then I will have the house set-up for good; or at least until we pack it all up and move out again, you guessed it, in mid-October. While I was unpacking things today, I was also packing up other things. Tomorrow I head to Durham for the Nevermore Film Festival,* which is screening nine full-length horror movies (eight of which will be enjoying their NC premier), and ten other short-subject features. Typically, there's no possible way to see every movie--too many are scheduled simultaneously, leaving me hopelessly making snap quality assumptions based on the respective posters. Still, for the next three days I will sit stuporously through hours of abattoir cinema. Then I'll spend most of next week in Greensboro, catching up on things I meant to do when I was there before. This may mean that I'm a little out of the office next week. [Cavin]

Then, a 0 sided conversation ensued...

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