Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Well, this didn't take long. For a week I have been telling everyone, out of faith I guess, that I would return home from Kentucky in a week only if weather conditions were okay. I suspect weather conditions will still be okay, my week has barely begun, but the point was that I damn well hoped it would snow while I was here, and that hope was slowly warming into an expectation. Southern Ohio told me in my last Update that it might very well happen, up to an inch of accumulation, and despite some nay-saying from the folks at NPR about global climate change, the snow I desperately wanted to see was already falling all over everything by the time I was awake this morning (shortly before eight thirty). Since I'm such a newshound now (when I bother to post at all), I'm bringing this to you less than forty-five minutes later, and it is still snowing. As I have mentioned, this is my one chance for some winter before we move to tropical ten degrees, forty-six minutes above the equator next fall, and I am happy to take any cold weather I can get. But that is the problem with today: cold weather. Sure it is snowing; snowing hard actually--settling into some steady and small flakes that could very well come down for the next few hours. But the temperature remains where it was last night when it got dark: a chilly thirty-six or so degrees F. This is not cold enough for the snow to stick around for long after it finishes falling. And sure enough, after coming down for an hour, the world here looks wintry as hell, but the effect is to stipple the ground rather than accumulate a blanket on it. [Cavin]

Then, a 0 sided conversation ensued...

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