Thursday, January 11, 2007


The snow didn't last long. By Tuesday around twelve pm, after hours of precipitation, the flakes got big and stopped. The temperature had never fallen much past thirty-eight degrees F, and the whole little carpet of white was gone in a half hour. It snowed on an off until the mid-afternoon, but there was never any further accumulation. By Tuesday night it was sunny again, with puffy pink clouds. Only then did it finally get cold. Throughout yesterday the temperature hovered just shy of thirty-one, and the puddles of snowmelt froze. Meanwhile, I am having a daylong moment of serenity. I have finally gotten all of my pictures loaded up onto Flickr, including the rest of my photos from Monterrey and some that I took just yesterday. At present, the batteries in my camera are dead, so I cannot even take any more pictures just now. I am finally, at long last, caught up on at least one thing. Interested parties can find new photos at the link above, but everything I added can also be found either at the end of this set from Monterrey, or contained in this set of random pictures taken since I returned from México. Now that the uploading project is finished, I can maybe head back a thousand photos into the past and start typing in captions again, but I feel this daunts my serenity, and I might have to put it off a little bit longer. Say, have you heard of this author? She works freelance pitching interesting essays for well-known magazines. She has been at the farm for a week, interviewing the folks here on veteran-related post-traumatic stress disorder for an article that will appear in GQ. She leaves today. I have no idea when the article itself will appear. [Cavin]

Then, a 0 sided conversation ensued...

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