Thursday, December 21, 2006


Today was a Wednesday of rest. Sunshine and I were up early to repack the car before she headed several more states on down the road home. I headed back into the hotel. She arrived safe in Kentucky around four pm. My goal for today was to be as lazy as possible while everyone else was unavailable during work hours. I want to add a last note to the saga of our México to North Carolina drive: just after Baton Rouge there's a junction I-12 bypassing the hour-long dip in I-10 curling south into New Orleans. It was nice out, and the trip was already taking three days, so we avoided this shortcut, and drove instead through the Crescent City. Nearing nineteen months after hurricane flooding destroyed inadequate federal levies, there's more devastation apparent in New Orleans, from the highway, than evidence of reconstruction. Houses are still tipped, caved-in, ruined; signs and streetlights twisted, one after another, out of commission down the highway. This is not the time to move along to other concerns America: remember millions of people continue to suffer in a city still upside-down. Today's post is at half-mast, please observe a moment of silence.


Then, a 0 sided conversation ensued...

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