Monday, September 25, 2006


About five o'clock this morning a super electrical storm formed over our house, and it rained and thundered until just after noon. This actually coincides perfectly with the hours I slept last night. By this afternoon, all of the ants had abandoned their takeover of the kitchen since much of their anthill was under water. We were exponentially more productive today than yesterday: we went to get groceries. Our checkout bagger was an old man. Baggers at Méxican grocery stores work for tips, the store itself does not employ them. Because of this, baggers are usually twelve or thirteen year old kids. When we got back home, I ran an armload of grocery bags inside only to discover ants on every surface in the kitchen. Everywhere, on everything. (You know I mean they were scattered here and there, right? The kitchen was not black with a crawling ants mass.) Luckily, while we were at the store we'd gotten ant spray, and now the kitchen is filled with the tiny black dots of the dead. And stink. The Cat is shut into the maid's room, calling to me through the doorknob hole. And in Oaxaca: remember the teachers (plus other) union protest holding the capital city siege since May? Well, they have started a five hundred kilometer march to México City,* hoping to amplify their calls to fire Ulises Ruiz, the governor. Speaking of Ruiz, he has finally issued a statement warning teachers that they'll be fired if they abandon their students any longer for this protest.* Valid point: due to the teachers' attempt to get a squarer deal (and the multiple interest groups piggybacking on, and extending, the original strike), some of México's poorest and most illiterate populace has not been able to go to class this semester. [Cavin]

Then, a 0 sided conversation ensued...

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