Sunday, August 13, 2006


Dinner with Olga tonight at Muelle 17 (MWAY-yay de-ESSay see-ETTay; Pier 17), where we talked about the lack of news lately and she looked at our vacation photos. We haven't seen her in weeks. Except for the linked item above, there has been a rather dry spell, news-wise, in north México. I guess all eyes are focused on the partial vote recount and the large southern protests. I complained that I was tired of mentioning the same old teachers and ALMO supporters day after day, but she was unable to give me a scoop. I ate several grilled fish tacos and some lobster soup. I had a cappuccino. Then, we came home where I discovered that last night there was a decent-sized earthquake in Michoacán (mitch-wah-KAHN; where we hope to go for el Dia de los Muertos this November) which rattled and shook buildings in downtown México City 125 miles northeast, forcing some evacuations. There have been no reported injuries or large structural damages, but hey, these things are getting closer and closer to real. In September, 1985, an earthquake centered in the Pacific Ocean hit México City and killed nearly ten thousand people, wounded thirty thousand, and left a hundred thousand more homeless. Read about it here. That one measured 8.1 on the old earthquake scale. Richter has yesterday’s at only 5.9, but it was closer and landlocked. Plus, just outside of México City, a bus went off the road early this morning, rolling hundreds of feet down an embankment of volcanic rock. Thirteen people killed, many more injured. Maybe it is not the most appropriate thing to sit around under the thatched roof of the fish taco place and wish there were more news right now, you know? I’ve learned my lesson; so back off, disasters. [Cavin]

Then, a 0 sided conversation ensued...

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